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Flat Fee MLS Listing Information

Due to the proven success of the MLS in traditional real estate transactions, offers this selling tool as an option to our "For Sale by Owner" customers.  We attempt to service every city in all 50 states!  The cost ranges from $299-$399 in most locations (click a state below to view the exact price for your area)!

The cost in most locations ranges from $299-$399.  Select your state on this page, then your county on the following page to view the exact cost and availability of our flat fee MLS service in your area:

Available for real estate located in the United States only. With our Flat Fee MLS service a real estate broker will list your home in your local MLS as occurs in the traditional process of hiring a Realtor.  Because you are selling "For Sale by Owner" (FSBO) you pay only a few hundred dollars rather than a listing commission. 

As is typical with a FSBO, you still show your own home, take your own photos and negotiate your own price. All inquiries about your property come to you.  You communicate directly with your assigned Realtor to keep your listing current in the local MLS and on Your listing on will showcase your property to over 6.6 million monthly buyers!  The only other way to get a property listed on is to list with a Realtor and pay a full commission. 

You also reserve the right to terminate your MLS listing or make changes to your listing at anytime.  Best of all, because you are paying the assigned listing broker an upfront amount of a couple hundred dollars (via, you will not pay a listing commission.  This saves you thousands of dollars!

We spoke to a homebuilder in Oklahoma City who used the flat fee MLS service to sell a home he had built and he saved $27,000 in commissions.  He sold the home for $450,000 to a buyer who found his property on His savings was 6% of the selling price.

When you list your home with a typical Realtor, you can usually expect to pay them a commission of 6% depending on the market and location. Traditionally, your Realtor lists your home in the local MLS and offers half of their commission (3%) to any other Realtor who can bring them a buyer. However, with our flat-fee MLS option, you cut out the listing Realtor's commission completely, thus cutting your paid commission either in half or in full.  No commission is paid if the buyer of your property does not hire their own broker or Realtor.  With our Flat Fee MLS service, you have two options:

1. If you allow a showing of your home from a broker other than the one listing your home, you will be agreeing to the customary commission of 3% (sometimes negotiable). However, you retain the right to sell your home yourself and not pay a commission. If you elect to sell your home through the broker that showed your home to his/her buyers, your maximum cost will be 3% + the MLS Listing Fee of a few hundred dollars paid to You are basically saving half of the commission normally paid when having a Realtor to sell your home.  Savings in this example would be about 3% of the selling price of your property.

2. If you sell your home yourself; through,, any form of marketing done by yourself, or from someone who did not hire their own broker, your costs will be limited to the initial Flat Fee MLS charge of a few hundred dollars.  Savings cost in this example is about 6% of the selling price of your property.

This hybrid selling system is especially useful when you need a quick sale. Your selling costs can range from 0% - 3% depending on whether or not your buyer has hired a Realtor to represent them. The savings are significant, usually thousands of dollars.  Please email us with any questions you have on how the program works.

Your flat fee MLS listing fee pays for a term of 6 months. Most properties are sold within this time frame.

Simply select your property's state from the links above. You will then need to select your county and complete the short form that follows.  This will instantly begin our MLS listing procedure and the Realtor in your area will be contacted promptly.

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